Our commitment to SDGs

We are committed to creating a sustainable society by addressing issues,
fulfilling our social responsibilities, and working on SDGs
(Sustainable Development Goals).



職場スタッフが協力しながら、障がいがある方でも受入しやすい仕事を抜き出し、わかりやすい専用の業務マニュアルを作成する等工夫を重ねました。また、メンバーが定期的に振り返り面談を通じてサポートを続けることで 2016年のプロジェクト開始当初28人だった障がい者が今では40人となりホテルの各部署で働いています。


We are working to solve five key issues through our business activities.


  • Changing how we handle plastic amenities

    We are promoting efforts to recycle plastic resources(3R+R). We use recycled plastic toothbrushes and hairbrushes, and collect used products for closed recycling into new products. We also use biomass plastic products for some of our razors and spoons and forks to go.

  • Reducing plastic waste and water pollution by offering an Eco Plan (Accommodation Plan)

    We offer a plan that requires no cleaning and no change of linens and amenities for guests staying two consecutive nights, which will reduce the amount of plastics and detergents used, in turn, reducing the burden on the environment.

  • Reducing food waste

    We are working to reduce food waste my thoroughly managing foods before and during cooking as well as managing the number of items we produce. At banquets and dining events, we provide guests with information on the "3010 Campaign". This campaign is designed to reduce leftover food by encouraging guests to enjoy their food at their tables during the first 30 minutes and last 10 minutes of a banquet or dining event.

  • Using biodegradable straws and plastic bags made using plant-derived materials

    We have switched our straws to ones with biodegradable components, except for those that are difficult to replace, like straws that flex. We are also using plant-derived materials in some of our plastic bags used for food take-out so as to reduce our footprint on the environment.

  • Installing water-saving toilets and promoting LED lighting

    We are promoting the installation of water-saving toilets in guest rooms and employee spaces to reduce water consumption. We are also working to reduce power consumption by switching to LED lighting.

  • Promoting paperless operations

    We are working to reduce the use of paper by digitizing documents related to meetings and approval requests. We have also worked to visualize the amount of paper used by each department, so that each employee is aware of the environment as they carry out their work.

  • Obtaining the eco-mark

    We have obtained the Eco Mark Product Category No. 503 "Hotel / Inn Version 2.0" certification from the Japan Environment Association. We will continue to conduct our business operations with consideration for the natural environment.

  • Food recycling initiatives

    RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka, with the cooperation of two partner companies, has begun serving rice grown with compost made from food waste in its employee cafeteria. By establishing a food recycling system among "Food-related businesses", "Recycling businesses", and "Agricultural producers", we are working to eliminate food waste and promote environmentally friendly agriculture with less use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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  • Promoting food safety

    We established the Food Safety and Hygiene Committee in December 2007 to promote the improvement of food safety and security throughout the company. The committee promotes efforts to promote learning and increase efficacy through hygiene measures and menu management by the departments in charge (General Affairs Division and Internal Management Division), as well as guidance via employee workshops (prevention of food poisoning, proper labeling, etc.).

  • Regular disaster prevention training

    We have prepared manuals for fire and disaster prevention measures to prepare employees for disasters, and will conduct periodic disaster drills for employees.

  • Promoting information security

    The highly specialized IT System Division constantly monitors our hotels’ system networks, and has a system in place to detect unauthorized external access and cyber attacks. In addition, we have established internal rules regarding the handling of information devices, and are working to educate employees on the issue through training and audits.

  • Preventing secondhand smoking

    In accordance with the revisions to the Health Promotion Act, all restaurants, bars, etc. in our hotels are non-smoking as of April 2020. In addition, the company and the health insurance association are working together to support employees who are trying to quit smoking and reduce the smoking rate by prohibiting smoking during working hours starting in October 2022.

  • Providing public spaces that are easy for everyone to use

    We are promoting the creation of public spaces that are easy for everyone to use. As one of these efforts, RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka has installed "sanitary boxes" in the men's restrooms so that people undergoing medical treatment, elderly guests, and sexual minorities (LGBTQ+) who use the men's restrooms do not have to worry about disposing of sanitary items.

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  • The introduction of “office casual” dress code and the revision of the grooming standards for the service department.

    As a support for our employees to work comfortably and in a manner that suits individual preferences, we have introduced “office casual” dress code to the administrative department and revised the grooming standards for the service department. We will continue to create a flat organizational structure that respects each other and deepens the understanding of diversity, as well as advancing diversity in response to climate change. Furthermore, by having the staff think about and maintain their own “appropriate hotelier appearance” for themselves, they will cultivate confidence, initiative, and a sense of responsibility as hoteliers, and lead to better hospitality.

  • Health and Productivity Certification

    The “RIHGA ROYAL Health Management Declaration” was announced to ensure that employees remain healthy, and was highly evaluated. RIHGA Royal Hotels received the Health and Productivity certification (Large Enterprise Category) by the Ministry of Economy for 3 years in a row from 2021, Trade and Industry and the Japan Health Council. We will continue to work to create a better workplace environment by making health management part of our growth strategy.

  • Promoting the hiring of those with disabilities

    We are actively promoting the employment of people with disabilities at a level that far exceeds the rates stipulated by the Act to Facilitate the Employment of Persons with Disabilities.

  • Supporting women in the workplace

    We have developed support systems for women in the workplace, including maternity leave, reduced work schedules, and support for returning to work through social gatherings for employees taking childcare leave. We have been awarded three stars for being certified by the city of Osaka as a “Leading Company for Women’s Advancement”. We also aim to increase the percentage of women in management positions to 20% by 2025 and to 30% by 2030.

  • Preventing harassment

    We have established a consultation organization to discuss harassment with employees, and are working to thoroughly educate employees to prevent harassment.

  • Helping employees improve skills and diversify education (training) through public qualification acquisition subsidy programs, overseas training, and more

    We are working to improve employee skills by implementing overseas training programs for cooks, sommeliers, and service staff, as well as training programs that meet employee job level. In addition to various job-specific training programs that help employees improve their professional skills, we also provide position-specific training programs that promote employees' social growth.

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Governance / Compliance

  • Creating an internal control system

    In compliance with the “Basic Policy on Internal Control” established by our Board of Directors, we have established a system to ensure that our operations are appropriate (in terms of legal compliance, risk management, etc.) across our hotels.

  • Compliance

    We have established an 18-point “Compliance Code of Conduct” to help guide employees in their duties, and are always at work promoting thorough compliance through annual company-wide training and monthly training sessions for each department. We also have an “Internal Reporting System” where employees can make reports internally or consult with external lawyers.

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  • Supporting the “Nakanoshima Natsu Matsuri” (Summer Festival)

    The “Nakanoshima Natsu Matsuri” is held every year at the Osaka International Convention Center's 1F Plaza and Nakanoshima Banks. The festival features Bon dances, musical attractions, and gourmet food stalls from nearby restaurants, and we, as a member of the “Nakanoshima Natsu Matsuri” Executive Committee, are hard at work revitalizing the Nakanoshima area.

  • Participating in the “Nakanoshima Clean Up” Litter Cleaning Event

    As part of our work to offer hospitality to visitors to Nakanoshima and beautify the area, we participate in cleanup efforts organized by the Nakanoshima West Area Promotion Liaison Committee every year.

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